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One alternative to bankruptcy is debt settlement. It means paying less than the amount you owe with the difference being discharged. Lenders and creditors alike will many times take less than a full payment in order to at least salvage some of what they’re owed, and not take a total loss. That means you get to enjoy a certain amount of financial freedom and no longer be contacted by creditors all the time.

Debt settlement and negotiation can be a realistic alternative to filing for bankruptcy, and we can help you to contact your creditors to negotiate a lower payment, although we don’t consolidate debts into a single payment.

Why Look for a Debt Settlement?

There are certain situations and circumstances where a debt settlement can be a really good option. If you are facing any of the following situations you may want to give serious consideration to contacting an attorney to negotiate a debt settlement for you:

1. You are getting farther and farther behind on multiple payments.
2. You are financially unable to repay your bills.
3. You have amassed outstanding unsecured debt.
4. If you could get your debt reduced, you might be able to pay it.
5. You are considering bankruptcy for obtaining your debt relief.

Before you can negotiate and obtain a debt settlement, you’ll need to hire a competent attorney. You need an attorney who specializes in this area of law. They can ensure that you get your principle reduced to a manageable amount for your current situation.

Negotiating A Lower Principle

A debt settlement negotiation won’t cancel out everything like a bankruptcy will, however, it does get you some excellent relief when it’s done properly. If you are struggling and burdened under heavy debt, then set up a consultation with a top-notch, qualified bankruptcy attorney, and find out how having legal representation will enable you to better negotiate a settlement for a lower principle with your lender.

Everyone is well aware of the harsh economic times we face today. People are struggling to make payments on cars, homes, and credit cards. Financial difficulties can come at you from several different directions and sources, and it pays to know how to face them.

Lenders and creditors are always trying their best to collect the payments that are owed them. However, they too are aware of the hard circumstances people are going through. That’s why they are willing, in many cases, to settle for less than the principle owed. Something is better than nothing.

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Lower Monthly Payments

The Cornwell Law Firm is able to work with your creditors to negotiate a lower monthly payment or a lower amount owed on debts such as credit cards, loans, and medical bills if these debts are in the collection process. We can also help to negotiate a lower payment amount and can help you to answer any lawsuit against you, even if your creditors have already sued you for unpaid bills. In many cases, we can reduce the interest rate on your payments to as low as zero percent, as well as lowering the total amount that you owe your creditors.

A Lump Sum Settlement

Many creditors will accept a small percentage of the total amount that you owe if you are able to make a lump-sum payment, and this can be the ideal way to settle a debt that you otherwise can’t afford to pay. Most creditors won’t lower the total balance amount and let you pay off past due debts by making monthly payments.

Keith Cornwell, an attorney at the Cornwell Law Firm has years of experience with these particular types of cases and knows perfectly well how far lenders are willing to go to settle your debt. When you retain Keith Cornwell as your attorney, he will fight to get you the settlement you need to get debt off your back once and for all. He has already helped people with debt settlement and negotiation in Atlanta, and if you are struggling with debts that you simply cannot afford to pay, he can help you too. Contact attorney Cornwell at 404-791-4449.

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