Why a Bankruptcy Attorney is More Affordable Than You Think


Why a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Help Save You Money The number of people filing for bankruptcy has reached its lowest point since 2007. However, experts believe this has more to do with factors other than an increased ability to pay off debts, though a stronger economy is likely still a factor. One key reason for the decrease in bankruptcy filings could be that consumers simply believe they can not afford to pay the legal fees they would incur if they filed. If you are facing bankruptcy, paying an attorney for assistance may seem impossible, given your difficult financial situation. However, a [...]

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What is the Automatic Stay Option in Bankruptcy?


Understanding the Automatic Stay Option When medical bills, credit card debts, and other financial burdens have become overwhelming, you may be considering bankruptcy. If you are afraid that filing bankruptcy will mean that you lose your car, home, or other property, you’ll be happy to learn that there are numerous protections in place for consumers who file for bankruptcy. One of which is the automatic stay option. Consumer Protection in Bankruptcy Georgia law allows consumers filing for bankruptcy to claim exemptions for certain property, but this may not be enough to protect all of your property. Thankfully, federal law grants those [...]

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Does Filing Bankruptcy Affect Your Credit?


How Filing Bankruptcy Will Impact Your Credit Score If you are considering filing bankruptcy, you likely have a lot on your mind. One of the questions is likely how bankruptcy will impact your credit. Fear of being unable to qualify for a future home loan or other forms of credit is the number one hesitation of consumers considering bankruptcy. The hard truth is that bankruptcy will impact your credit, but you can recover and qualify for the life you want. Immediate Credit Impact The good news is that a bankruptcy will either clear your debts or set you up on a [...]

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What to Do if you Can’t Pay Credit Card Debt


How to Get Help for Credit Card Debt Georgians carry the seventh heaviest debt burden in the nation. With debt outpacing income, it is easy to become overwhelmed by credit card debt. It is no surprise, then, that bankruptcy filings in the south have remained steady, or even climbed slightly, as the rest of the nation benefits from a stronger economy. Dealing with Credit Card Debt When financial pressures and high-interest rates make credit card debt impossible to pay off, you may not know where to turn. You have options, though, and an experienced attorney can help you to evaluate those [...]

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How Does Bankruptcy Work?


While bankruptcy rates have dropped across the United States, indicating an improvement in the economy that is a welcome change for many consumers, some areas have benefitted more than others. Alabama, Tennessee, and Georgia remain the states with the highest bankruptcy rates. In fact, bankruptcy rates climbed slightly, even as they fell in other states. Continue reading as we answer the question "how does bankruptcy work?" Answering the Question: How Does Bankruptcy Work? Many people wonder "how does bankruptcy work." If you are struggling to keep up with your debts, bankruptcy may allow you to eliminate debt through the sale of [...]

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How to Fight Wage Garnishment


Understanding Wage Garnishment If you have fallen too far behind on your bill payments, your creditors may decide to pursue a wage garnishment, which will send a chunk of your paycheck directly to your creditor from your employer. Wage garnishment requires a court order, in most cases, resulting from winning a collection lawsuit against you. This court order will require your employer to withhold a certain amount from your paycheck, which then goes to the creditor, which can be a real financial blow. It is important to note that not every form of debt requires a court order for wage garnishment. [...]

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