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Campaign materials of debt consolidation firms offering assistance become more apparent when you are loomed with debts. However, it must always be kept in mind that reasonably good research about these firms may be needed before entrusting to them whatever money you may have left. In almost all cases, it is almost always better to consult or even work closely with a Georgia-based attorney with expertise in bankruptcy situations.

To help you decide better, below are some interesting details about debt consolidation companies. These companies work in a very unsecured way as they have no oversight functions. They have no mechanism for checks and balances. Most of the time, their services are devoid of any guarantee. What is worse is that if you fail to pay very close attention to a debt consolidation institution which you hired, you may find yourself in deeper trouble afterward. We have had clients in the past who asked for our help because their issues with their finances were at the brink of becoming irreparable, merely because of a missed payment or inability on their part to settle their debts completely.

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We always tell our clients that bankruptcy is an alternative

The lingering fear of filing for bankruptcy is what fuels debt consolidation companies. Most of these companies are emboldened to take advantage of misinformation about the bankruptcy process in order to gain more clients. All this happens while their clients have no idea that bankruptcy is a constitutional right bestowed on all people, and not merely governed by United States laws.

In the alternative we offer, you are guaranteed to be catered to by a lawyer with expertise and competitive experience in legally reducing or eliminating debt. On the other hand, a debt consolidation company may simply assign your problem to one of their employees who, having no legal background, is unable to guarantee that your debts to creditors will be resolved.

Debt Consolidation Experts in Atlanta

Choose the Atlanta Bankruptcy Lawyer option today. For more information about Debt Consolidation in Atlanta or to get accurate legal advice, call Cornwell Law Firm at (404) 791-4449 to arrange an initial consultation with one of our trained lawyers. The initial consultation allows you to get more information about consolidation and bankruptcy, for free.

As always, we are here to aid people in finding the best possible bankruptcy relief sanctioned by the Bankruptcy Code as we are a debt relief agency.

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