Paying Off Debt is Easier With Expert Help

If you are one of the 28% of Americans who resolved to improve their financial situation this year, you will no doubt want to tackle your debt. The average American carries $38,000 in debt, not including home mortgages, making a resolution to pay off debt one that will require hard work and dedication. If your debt load is higher than average or if you are already behind on payments and receive calls from debt collectors, improving your financial situation may seem impossible, but you can solve your debt problems. Continue reading to learn why paying off debt is easier with expert help.

Finding Help for Paying off Debt

There are some things you can do on your own to begin to pay off debt, such as reducing expenses, increasing income, and applying the money saved to debts. You can also speak with companies about lowering your monthly payments as you work to clear up your debts.

These are great steps to take. However, expert help may be needed to effectively deal with some companies, particularly for debts already placed in collections. In these situations, as well as in circumstances in which you can not possibly repay the debts, an experienced bankruptcy lawyer can offer help.

Why Hire a Bankruptcy Lawyer?

Even if you ultimately decide not to file for bankruptcy, hiring a bankruptcy lawyer can be helpful. Bankruptcy lawyers are familiar with laws and regulations pertaining to debt and debt collection. Your lawyer can not only help you look over your debt and income to determine your best options for getting out of debt, he or she may also be able to:

● Stop calls from creditors and require that further communication be sent to your lawyer.

● Buy you time to make arrangements, as creditors are unlikely to pursue legal action against you once they believe you are considering filing bankruptcy.

● Help you respond to any legal action already pending against you by creditors.

If you do choose to file bankruptcy, rest assured that your attorney will help you to keep your home, vehicle, and other property, which are protected under Georgia law.

Preparing for Your Consultation

Meeting with a bankruptcy attorney may seem intimidating, but it can be quite simple. Your attorney will need to understand your finances in order to help you. One way to make your consultation go smoothly is to put together a clear picture of your financial situation. You should include all of your

● Income;

● assets, such as vehicles, real estate, or other valuable belongings;

● bills; and

● debts, including those already in collections.

This information will help your bankruptcy attorney quickly determine your options and help you get out of debt. Most importantly, make sure that you are fully honest with your attorney so that he or she can protect your assets and help you come to an agreement with your creditors.

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