How a Lawyer Can Help With Your Mortgage Modification


If you are struggling with making your mortgage payments, you are not alone. Many people in the Duluth area have struggled with making their monthly payments, but failure to do so can result in home foreclosure. One option to avoid this scenario is through a mortgage modification, and the lawyers at Cornwell Law Firm can help. Call or contact us today to learn more. What is a Mortgage Modification? A mortgage modification, or sometimes known more generally as a loan modification, is a permanent restructuring of a mortgage from the lender in order to make payments more affordable for the debtor [...]

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What is a Mortgage Loan Modification?


When to Consider a Mortgage Loan Modification Mortgage payments often become out of reach and there are plenty of reasons why. You may have been given an adjustable rate mortgage that was affordable at the time you bought your home but has since seen a spike in interest, or you may have bought your home right before the housing market fell and now find yourself paying a payment month after month that exceeds the value that your house is actually worth. It could also be due to the loss of a job or an injury or illness that has resulted in [...]

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​How to Challenge a Mortgage Foreclosure


Can I Successfully Challenge My Mortgage Foreclosure? In the past, it was relatively rare to be able to form a successful defense against real estate bankruptcy or mortgage foreclosure. However, since the foreclosure crisis, many homeowners have been able to challenge foreclosure actions successfully. This is due in part to emerging evidence that the mortgage servicing industry has been making a multitude of errors. Because of such evidence, courts have shifted their sympathies from the mortgage industry to homeowners. Homeowners and the attorneys representing them may now be able to take advantage of this judicial attitude change and challenge a foreclosure. [...]

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Bankruptcy and Mortgages


Bankruptcy and Your Mortgage Bankruptcy can make it difficult to obtain a loan home loan; nevertheless, it is possible to get financing after bankruptcy. Any bankruptcy is registered with public records. This information list for seven years following Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stays on record for ten years following the filing date on Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer helps you put your finances back on track with qualified bankruptcy assistance. After going through a listing period, a bankruptcy will no longer show on your credit report. If a buyer is unwilling to wait for the information to disappear from the [...]

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