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What to Do if You Can’t Pay Your Hospital Bill


Getting Help With Your Hospital Bill It seems like every day we hear a story about someone who cannot pay his or her hospital bill. Even with health insurance, if a person suffers a devastating injury or illness, the expenses can far exceed six figures. If you were the one receiving that kind of bill, what would you do? The good news is that hospital bills can be taken care of. The internet has made it much easier to find the discrepancies in bills from one hospital’s charges to the next. This not only makes pricing more competitive, but it may [...]

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How to Get Help With Medical Bills


Finding the Right Help With Medical Bills It is not hard for the treatment of an illness or injury in the United States to reach six figures. Even having insurance, the balance remaining due can still be eye-popping. You may feel like you are young and healthy so you are not likely to have any medical bills any time soon, but is all it takes to change that. Getting professional help with medical bills is crucial to ensuring your finances don't spin out of control. According to the Federal Reserve, roughly two in five Americans have had their credit scores negatively [...]

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Bankruptcy Options for Medical Debt


What to Do if You Have Medical Debt Medical treatments are not cheap, and consequently, the high costs associated with medical debt is one of the biggest causes of bankruptcy across the country, including in Georgia. In some situations, even people with insurance can be overwhelmed with debt from medical bills. An experienced debt settlement and bankruptcy attorney like those at Cornwell Law Firm can often help you overcome such difficult financial situations. Below are a few options for handling overwhelming medical bills. Double Check Insurance and Billing Errors: Once you receive your medical bill, check it thoroughly for errors. Make sure you were [...]

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