Finding the Right Help With Medical Bills

It is not hard for the treatment of an illness or injury in the United States to reach six figures. Even having insurance, the balance remaining due can still be eye-popping. You may feel like you are young and healthy so you are not likely to have any medical bills any time soon, but is all it takes to change that. Getting professional help with medical bills is crucial to ensuring your finances don’t spin out of control.

According to the Federal Reserve, roughly two in five Americans have had their credit scores negatively impacted by medical bills. One out of every six credit reports contains some type of medical debt. Reality is that you will have to pay these debts somehow. So, if you get hit with major medical debt, be sure to follow these steps.

Helpful Steps for Dealing with Medical Bills

  • Ensure the Charges are Correct: Billing mistakes happen, and they happen a lot. Make sure what you are getting billed for are things that you actually received. Make sure there are no treatment mistakes or medication errors. If you only stayed in the hospital a half day the day you were discharged, do not let them charge you for a full day.
  • Do Not Ignore Them: If you toss your bills in the trash, they will not disappear. Not only will it not get rid of your bills, but your bills will get sent to collection, you will receive annoying collection phone calls, and your credit score will take a hit.
  • Do Not Pay Them Off with a Credit Card: While this can be tempting, do not use a credit card to pay off your medical bills. This can lead to a never-ending cycle of debt and high-interest payments.
  • Work Out a Payment Plan with Zero Interest: These plans are often available, but usually written in fine print. The amount you pay each month may even be negotiable.
  • Ask for a Discount for Prompt Payment: Some hospitals will give you a discount if you pay your entire bill in full within 30 days. Do not be afraid to ask for this discount.
  • Apply for Financial Assistance: If you simply cannot afford to pay anything at all, ask for help. Do not feel bad if you cannot pay. Hospitals deal with it every day and each have their own procedure for handling these cases.
  • Apply for a Loan: This should be your last resort, but it can be an option. The problem with getting a loan is that you will be on the hook if you cannot pay it off. The upside is that you will be paying less interest than if you had paid off the balance with your credit card.
  • Work with the Collection Agency: If your debt has already gone to collection agents, you will need to work with them. However, they cannot contact you at work if you ask them not to, nor are they allowed to threaten you. When dealing with the collection agency, record any phone calls and get everything in writing. Also, keep proof of any payments that you make.

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