Getting Help With Your Hospital Bill

It seems like every day we hear a story about someone who cannot pay his or her hospital bill. Even with health insurance, if a person suffers a devastating injury or illness, the expenses can far exceed six figures. If you were the one receiving that kind of bill, what would you do?

The good news is that hospital bills can be taken care of. The internet has made it much easier to find the discrepancies in bills from one hospital’s charges to the next. This not only makes pricing more competitive, but it may help you get a lower bill. The other good news is that many hospitals will negotiate your medical bills if you ask them to. They may also reduce their fees or create a payment plan. Most hospitals also have financial assistance for those who are really struggling. If you find yourself facing massive medical expenses, here are some tips to handle these bills:

  • Get Organized: First and foremost, as soon as you get your first bill, keep track of every single one that you receive. If you have been in the hospital you may receive bills from the facility, a variety of doctors, the ambulance, laboratory, and many more.
  • Review Your Bills: It is not uncommon for hospital bills to contain overcharges and errors, so be sure you are getting billed for the things you actually received. For example, make sure they did not charge you for the medications that they did not actually provide. Dispute fees for gloves, sheets, and gowns as these items should be part of your daily room fee.
  • Challenge Your Health Insurance: If your insurance rejects any bills or you believe they should have paid more for the services you received, do not hesitate to appeal their decision.
  • Negotiate: If you need extra time to pay off your debt, most hospitals will arrange a payment plan. However, if you agree to pay your full bill all at once, many hospitals will offer a discount if you ask. You may also be able to bargain down certain charges.
  • Check on Financial Assistance: You may be required to go through the process of applying for Medicaid, but if you are rejected, many hospitals have financial assistance through their facility.
  • Explore Fundraising: If you are facing exorbitant medical bills, consider raising money through a crowdfunding site such as or These sites make it simple to create a fundraising drive for medical expenses where friends and family can make contributions through PayPal or their credit card.
  • Seek Professional Help: It may be worth your time to hire a pro to help with your medical bills because they can sometimes be messy.

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