How Does Debt Consolidation Work?


For many people across Georgia, increasing bills are a major concern, and some have a fear of filing for bankruptcy. In this situation, many look to debt consolidation as a means of organizing and reducing their overall debt; however, debt consolidation companies do not always deliver on their promises. At the Cornwell Law Firm, our experienced attorneys can go over all of your legal options for reducing and eliminating your debt, including assistance with debt consolidation. To learn more, call or contact our office in Duluth today. What is Debt Consolidation? Debt consolidation is a process in which multiple debts are [...]

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What Can I Do About My Credit Card Debt?


It can be so easy to fall behind in credit card payments. Whether this issue accumulated slowly over time or a single serious event resulted in substantial debt, past due credit card payments can cause significant stress and concern; however, it is important to know that if you have accumulated significant credit card debt you do have options. At the Cornwell Law Firm, our experienced debt relief attorneys are here to explain your options and offer legal help. Call or contact our Duluth office today to schedule a free consultation of your case. File for Bankruptcy One option for eliminating credit [...]

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How a Bankruptcy Attorney Can Stop Your Car Repossession


Times have been hard for many people over the last year and a half, and when all of the bills cannot be paid, one of the most common loans that fall delinquent is the auto loan. Even a single missed payment on a car loan can result in repossession, but with the help of an experienced Georgia bankruptcy attorney, a vehicle owner can halt the repossession process. At the Cornwell Law Firm, our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys have helped many clients around the Duluth area avoid repossession of their vehicles. To learn more, call or contact our office today to schedule a [...]

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​What are my Options Before and After Car Repossession?


What to Do if You are Facing Car Repossession If you are behind on your car payments, in many cases, your lender can repossess your vehicle without giving you any type of notice. However, bankruptcy can help stop the repossession and can even help you get your car back if it has already been repossessed. Bankruptcy Automatic Stay As soon as you file for bankruptcy, an automatic stay goes into effect. This means that your creditors must stop all attempts to collect their debts from you. They can not call you, move forward with a lawsuit, sell, repossess, or foreclose on [...]

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Is Credit Card Debt Dischargeable?


Credit Card Debt and Bankruptcy Credit card debt is one type of debt that can typically be discharged when you file for bankruptcy. However, you are not allowed to file for bankruptcy on credit card debt alone while leaving your other types of debt out of the bankruptcy. If you file for bankruptcy, you are legally obligated to report all debts from all sources. The court will then decide which debts will be discharged and which will not. Bankruptcy and Debts When you file bankruptcy, you will be required to make a list of all debts you owe to all creditors. [...]

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​Why You Need an Attorney to Negotiate Your Debt Settlement


How to Handle Your Debt Settlement Case If you are struggling to make ends meet and pay all your bills, you may be wondering if hiring an attorney or a debt settlement company to negotiate with your creditors would be a good idea. As a general rule, an attorney experienced in debt settlement negotiations will always be your best option rather than a debt settlement company. However, you need to make sure that you are hiring a legitimate legal firm rather than a debt settlement company that is representing itself as a law firm. What Debt Settlement Companies Claim Debt settlement [...]

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Understanding Debt Collection Laws


Are You Being Harassed by a Debt Collection Agency? We can Help When you fail to pay a debt, it is not uncommon for the party you owe to turn the debt over to a collection agency. However, state and federal laws regulate how these debts may be collected. All debt collectors must adhere to the standards of the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act, and at the same time, in Georgia, there are additional laws that the state has in place that must also be followed. Georgia Debt Collection Laws The Office of Consumer Affairs regulates the laws of debt collection in Georgia. These [...]

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​​What is Bad Debt and How do I Get Rid of it?


What You Should Do If You Have Bad Debt Bad debt happens when one party loans money to another party, but the party borrowing the money fails to repay the debt as agreed upon. For example, the borrower failed to make monthly payments as agreed or completely defaults on the loan completely. This makes the debt bad because the lender loses a portion of their investment. This type of debt is particularly a problem for both non-business and business lenders. Instead of providing a return on their investment, a bad debt situation creates legal and financial issues and often stalls income. That makes it imperative [...]

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​Tips For Dealing with Debt Collectors and Creditors


How to Handle Debt Collectors & Creditors Have you ever forgotten or been unable to pay a bill and had it go to collection? It happens from time to time, but there is no need to panic. When you are dealing with debt collectors and creditors, you still have rights due to the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act. If you are dealing with such issues, there are a few things that you need to know when debt collectors and creditors come knocking at your door or calling you on the phone. Request the Information in Writing: A debt collector, within five days of contacting [...]

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Dealing With Debt Collectors


Harassing Debt Collection Can Be Stopped Harassment on the part of bill collectors is a common phenomenon now in the United States. It is estimated that close to 15 percent of Americans are receiving debt collection telephone calls. If you are having trouble with debts and collection calls, don't think you are the only person with this kind of problem. FDCPA or the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act makes it illegal for bill collectors to be abusive or unfair or to lie when they attempt to collect a debt. This is a federal law, and it applies to collection agencies, attorneys [...]

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