Debt Relief Programs That Will Help You


The Benefits of Debt Relief Programs Debt relief can have a dramatic impact on your debt, allowing you to get back on your feet more quickly. However, it is not a magic wand. Debt relief programs are not the right financial solution for everyone, which means you need to understand the consequences before diving in. Debt relief programs could come in the form of a bankruptcy, changing your interest rate to lower your payments, or asking creditors to accept a partial settlement instead of the full amount you owe. All of these options can have an effect on your credit. When [...]

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Why Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy can be Positive


The Benefits of Filing Chapter 7 Bankruptcy You have probably heard plenty of negative things about bankruptcy. Depending on where you have gotten your information, you may have heard that it will ruin your credit forever, that you may not be able to find a good job afterward, or even that your bankruptcy will show up on a background check. While some of these claims are loosely based on facts, the truth is that when it comes to bankruptcy, people tend to overemphasize the negative. In reality, the process of bankruptcy has some truly positive aspects. Below we will discuss some [...]

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Why Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy can be Positive


The Benefits of Filing Chapter 13 Bankruptcy When you think of bankruptcy, you may associate it with a variety of negative things, but filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy can actually be a very positive way to handle your financial struggles. It is a payment plan that lasts for three to five years, and that can be intimidating for some people. However, there are many advantages to filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Pay What You Can Afford   Chapter 13 bankruptcy will take all of your debts and roll them into one payment that your bankruptcy trustee will use to pay all of your [...]

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What is Alternative Debt Resolution?


When you are considering bankruptcy, you may come across the term ‘Alternative Debt Resolution.’ Do you know what that means? Alternative debt resolution is when an outside, impartial person attempts to help resolve your debt with your creditors for you. This can happen in a variety of ways, and it is an option for some people, but may not work for everyone. Steps to Successful Alternative Debt Resolution Liquidate Assets This is not an option that many people want to consider because it means losing property. However, it can be of great assistance and may not hurt as much as you [...]

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How Bankruptcy and Student Loans Work


The Relationship Between Bankruptcy and Student Loans Unfortunately, getting a college degree does not come without lingering debt for most of us. The other unfortunate thing is that most debtors will not wipe out student loan debt if you file for a Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 bankruptcy unless you can prove that it causes you undue hardship. Continue reading to learn about the relationship between bankruptcy and student loans. What is the Undue Hardship Exception? In order to have student loan debt discharged, or wiped out, in bankruptcy, you and your attorney must prove that it would result in an [...]

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