Suwanee Bankruptcy Attorney At Cornwell Law Firm

Hello, I’m bankruptcy attorney Keith Cornwell, lead attorney at the Cornwell Law Firm. I want to give you some important information to help you make one of the most basic financial decisions you’ll have to make. I have been personally involved in representing clients in bankruptcy cases. I have handled thousands of both Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. It would be my honor to be your guide through this process as well.

If you are in a financial situation right now trying to manage overwhelming debt, I would be more than happy to lend you my professional expertise, talents, and abilities. I know we can work out a solution to get the stress off your shoulders and get your financial life back on the right track. I am aware that most people believe bankruptcy is one of the worst things that could happen, but that is not right. It is a financial tool, there to use when needed, nothing else.

Many people feel bankruptcy is shameful and shows a lack of control in spending money and racking up credit card debt. Truth is the large majority of people who file bankruptcy went through some type of financial crisis that was totally unexpected, like medical bills, loss of work, or a death in the family. The financial changes in their lives were not even their fault. Bankruptcy laws were created for these reasons, to bring a fair solution for people in need.

A lot of other clients have suffered because of the economy tanking, but they had nothing to do with that. Some can no longer pay their mortgage, others are going through a divorce. Some are involved in catastrophic car accidents or work accidents. There are hundreds of reasons why bankruptcy can become a good solution to people’s financial problems. I have seen them all.

I would be glad to hear about your situation and help you work out a realistic solution that will smooth your life out. I am also totally aware of the physical problems that financial stress and anxiety can bring on people. Even filing the bankruptcy is a strain on many people because of the stigma attached to it. However, it should not be seen that way. It can take a tremendous load off of your life and give you a new start on building your life back to where it is good.

Chapter 7/Chapter 13

If you really want a solid solution to your problems, that will put you back in control of your finances and get out of debt, you need to know your options. For those who are in consumer debt trouble, usually, it is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13s. The difference in them is that Chapter 7 generally the right option since it enables debtors to erase specific unsecured debts (credit card debt, utility bills, cell phone bills, medical bills, taxes, personal loans, etc.), that are of a certain age.

Things like child support, alimony, court-ordered fines, student loans, or recent taxes are not eligible for Chapter 7. To qualify for Chapter 7 you first have to pass what they call the ‘means test’. If it turns out that your incomes are too much to file for Chapter 7, then you move on to the Chapter 13 solution instead.

Chapter 13 is a bankruptcy based on debt ‘reorganization’. With this one, you will be able to pay off either all or some portion of your current debts, over a period of between 3 to 5 years. You would take on a monthly repayment plan that you could afford, and pay it to your bankruptcy trustee each month. The trustee would distribute that money among your creditors. The amount of your monthly payment and the payment duration will depend on your income.

Suwanee Bankruptcy Attorney

Another powerful attribute found in a bankruptcy is when it is used to avoid a foreclosure. The benefit a lot of people really like is that you can stop creditor harassment. It’s true that not everybody wants to go through the process of filing or would even benefit from it. But if you can, that is why it was created.

I know for a fact that there are some bankruptcy alternative out there that make a better solution in some situations. That’s why I am offering to look your situation over and give you the benefit of my expertise with an honest assessment.

I’d like to meet with you and give you a FREE no-obligation consultation to see what is the best solution for you. I will steer you in the right direction toward your best solution, whatever it may be. With me, I want to know your personal goals as well. That is how we can determine what is best for you.

Life after a bankruptcy can seem like a whole new world when it’s done properly. If you would like to learn about what you can do in your situation and what your options are, then take the time to contact a Suwanee Bankruptcy Attorney at the Cornwell Law Firm and get the help you need today.