Sugar Hill Bankruptcy Attorney Keith Cornwell of Cornwell Law Firm

The economy has put many people in financial hardship. Bankruptcies are much more common today than they used to be. More and more people find they just can’t pay what they owe.

They have mortgages, car payments, student loans, taxes, and a lot of other things that are just beyond their capabilities. Many have lost jobs they thought they would retire from one day, others have had medical conditions arise either from accidents or natural causes.

Whatever the reason, financial hardship is a real dilemma and can happen to anybody. Bankruptcy laws were created to help people in many of these types of cases.

It is actually possible for someone to file for bankruptcy and not use legal representation, but that doesn’t mean it’s a wise move. There are a lot of details and crucial aspects of the process that should never be overlooked. That is why legal counsel is so important. In Sugar Hill, you can contact The Cornwell Law Firm and get the legal advice you need to get through your bankruptcy properly. We have the expertise to guide you in the right direction and make sure you choose the solution that best fits your needs.

Areas of Bankruptcy Practice

Before you decide to file for bankruptcy, be sure you have looked at other alternative first. Debt negotiation or debt consolidation can sometimes keep you from having to deal with bankruptcy altogether. At the Cornwell Law Firm, you can get a FREE consultation and let a qualified expert advise you on which option is best for you.

If none of the alternatives work in your case, then we can explain the differences between Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 so you will understand the process. To determine if you’re eligible for Chapter 7 you will have to pass what they call the ‘means’ test. If you pass it, then Chapter 7 should work for you. If not, then Chapter 13 would be the more likely solution for you.

If your income is low and unsteady, Chapter 7 may be just the ticket to get you back on your feet again. If it’s too high, then you’ll have to see if Chapter 13 will work. Bankruptcy does not work in every situation.

Living After a Bankruptcy

One of the reasons people are so hesitant to file for bankruptcy is because of the unwarranted stigma that has been attached to it for so many years. They feel embarrassed around their friends like they’ve done something wrong or let everybody down. That’s not how it is at all. It is a legal protection to help people get out of a terrible situation. It can stop a foreclosure as well as those pesky creditors who call day after day. Those things alone can raise your stress levels until every day seems to have a dark cloud over it. It is a real relief when the circumstances call for it.

Living once you’ve filed for bankruptcy can be like the weight of the world has been lifted off your shoulders. Your stress meter will go down substantially. You can start focusing on re-building your life and making it what you want it to be. It’s a chance at a new start. There are different results depending on which option you choose, but either way, your life is going to get a whole lot easier and you can get back on your feet.

Call an expert Sugar Hill Bankruptcy Attorney at The Cornwell Law Firm today and set up a no obligation FREE consultation. You’ll find exactly the help you need to steer you toward the best solution for getting your life back on the right track.