Norcross Bankruptcy Attorney Keith Cornwell

Do you need help to file for bankruptcy in Norcross, GA? I’m bankruptcy attorney Keith Cornwell, the attorney who founded the Cornwell Law Firm and I appreciate people find the idea of declaring themselves bankrupt frightening. In years gone by, bankruptcy carried a stigma; however, many individuals find their quality of life improves after they declare themselves bankrupt.

I have been a practicing attorney for nine years. I have dealt with a vast number of bankruptcies in and around Norcross, GA. A high percentage of my clients had been unemployed for months, laid-off from work or fired from their job. I meet with people of all ages and from all walks of life, and I have discovered many clients feel unnecessarily threatened because their debt has spiraled out of control. A percentage of those people were unable to pay rising mortgage payments, whilst others had divorced or suffered marital problems due to job loss. A number of my clients found themselves landed with thousands of dollar’s worth of medical debt owing to illness or accident. These people accepted they would never be able to repay those vast debts.

The team at the Cornwell Law Firm know that people who are in debt often suffer from stress, their financial burden keeps them awake at night and their marriage suffers. These three factors have a profound effect on family happiness. It may seem hard to believe, but bankruptcy has helped millions of American citizens, including many in and around Norcross, to overcome debt problems and to move forward. Those who feel they would benefit from filing a Chapter 13 or a Chapter 7 bankruptcy should learn more about the benefits of bankruptcy, bankruptcy exemptions and discover how to stop creditors from harassing them.

Bankruptcy Options for Norcross GA Residents

Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 are the two most popular kinds of consumer bankruptcy. You will need to take the bankruptcy means test to ascertain which type is suitable. The means test is quite straightforward. The test takes account of your income and family size and compares it with the state median household income. Chapter 7 bankruptcy (debt liquidation) is suitable for those whose income is lower than the guideline income. In general, Chapter 7 is mainly used by people in dire financial straits. For example, unemployed people who have little or no earnings.

Chapter 13 bankruptcy is recognized as a way to reorganize debt. Under a Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debt is consolidated and reorganized to create one affordable monthly payment. The monthly sum payable goes to the trustee. The trustee then allots a proportion of the monthly sum paid to each creditor. A Chapter 13 payment plan lasts anything between three and five years. The time frame depends on your earnings and amount of disposable income. In reality, many end-up paying far less than they originally owed. Homeowners facing foreclosure often seek a Chapter 13 bankruptcy because it prevents the bank from repossessing their property.

Bankruptcy is not suitable for everyone

I am a responsible bankruptcy lawyer and the founder of the Cornwell Law Firm. I serve the residents of Norcross and surrounding regions. I am on hand to guide clients who need to file for bankruptcy, but I also offer advice to those who don’t consider bankruptcy their best option. Everyone has different ideas on how to deal with debt and some choose not to file for bankruptcy. Financial alternatives to bankruptcy include debt settlement or debt negotiation. If you are interested in pursuing either of these routes please contact me. I am always happy to consider the alternatives.

Please contact the Cornwell Law Firm for further information about debt relief. I offer all clients a free initial consultation. I am proud to offer personal legal representation and I am always on hand to help my clients. I don’t want my clients to feel stressed; I endeavor to make the bankruptcy process as simple as humanly possible. I pride myself on being able to offer weekend meetings, so no client is expected to take time off work.

The team at the Cornwell law Firm know there is a solution to every problem. Seeking debt relief advice from a professional will help you to make an informed decision. If you reside in or around Norcross, you are welcome to contact me today. I will advise you and help you to find the best way to deal with your debt problem to enable you and your loved ones to move forward.