5 Must Haves in a bankruptcy lawyer


5 Must Haves in a Bankruptcy Attorney Bankruptcy lawyers often make a kill during tough economic times. However, their clients, most of who know very little about the process and lack time to find out, are the ones who lose out. To avoid being part of this statistics, there are a couple of must-haves on your list when dealing with bankruptcy lawyers. Client's checklist: Get value for your money and nothing less Work with a real bankruptcy expert The expert must be aware of code changes Avoid shoddy lawyers Ensure the lawyer is someone you can establish a comfortable professional relationship [...]

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The Bankruptcy Process


The Bankruptcy Process Beginning the bankruptcy process means itemizing your income sources. The Cornwell Law Firm is here to assist you. You need to list - Monthly Living Expenses Property  Debts  Major Financial Transactions  Tax Returns (two years back)  Deeds/ Car titles  Loan Documents Filing Bankruptcy After gathering all this information, by yourself or with the help of an attorney, you need to decide what property you think may be exempt from seizure according to the Georgia law exemptions. To start the filing you or an attorney need to file the normal 2-page petition along with several other forms down at [...]

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Types of Debt


LAWRENCEVILLE AND ALL OF GWINNETT COUNTY - TYPES OF DEBT The type of bankruptcy filed for depends on the nature of the debt, however, an experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer such as Keith Cornwell will explain the situation more clearly. When trying to locate an attorney, you should look for a lawyer who will lighten the burden of debt and put you in a better financial position. Attorney Keith Cornwell is a skilled debt adviser. He will work with you to help to reduce or eliminate unmanageable business debt or consumer debts. Unsecured versus Secured Debt Residents of Georgia should understand the different [...]

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What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney


What To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney The specific services that are being provided to you by your bankruptcy attorney will be spelled out in the retainer agreement given to you, although you should also expect the following from your attorney: Competent Advice Your attorney's job is to accurately advise you whether bankruptcy is the best option for you, or whether some other solution might be a better option. Your attorney is also obligated to provide you with competent and accurate legal advice. The Type of Bankruptcy - whether Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 would be best for your specific situation. [...]

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