Rebuilding Your Credit


Reconstructing Credit Post Bankruptcy Bankruptcy may lead to a considerable decline in one's credit score. In several cases, however, these credit numbers could be at rock-bottom, thanks to credit card debt non-payment and missed payments on a mortgage. Bankruptcy-filing could actually result in credit score improvements since a majority of the entire unsecured loan would be negated, and discharging the loans again during bankruptcy won't be a possibility for several years. It's good, either way, to begin rebuilding the credit score quickly post-filing bankruptcy. Rebuilding the score is a demonstration of your ability to responsibly handle credit, your ability to promptly [...]

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What to Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney


What To Expect From Your Bankruptcy Attorney The specific services that are being provided to you by your bankruptcy attorney will be spelled out in the retainer agreement given to you, although you should also expect the following from your attorney: Competent Advice Your attorney's job is to accurately advise you whether bankruptcy is the best option for you, or whether some other solution might be a better option. Your attorney is also obligated to provide you with competent and accurate legal advice. The Type of Bankruptcy - whether Chapter 13 or Chapter 7 would be best for your specific situation. [...]

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What Can I keep After a Bankruptcy?


Protecting Properties From Creditors After Bankruptcy Legally speaking, what are the properties that can be kept after bankruptcy? Upon declaration of and qualification for bankruptcy, the first thing that comes to mind is how to save specific properties such as house, vehicles, retirement account, life pensions or annuities, and other personal items as well. This is the reason why most individuals who intend to declare bankruptcy would rather put the declaration on hold for the time being. However, putting off bankruptcy for a considerable length of time may result to creditors acquiring judgments against your properties which may result to levies [...]

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Life After Chapter 13


The Ins And Outs Of Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Relief Debtors can potentially keep their property and catch up on delinquent payments if they file for Chapter 13 bankruptcy. Gwinnett County bankruptcy lawyer Keith Cornwell has helped many residents by guiding them in the right direction, and sometimes that includes filing for Chapter 13. Most debtors emerge from this type of bankruptcy with all of their assets left intact and their accounts in good shape. It should be noted that filing for this type of bankruptcy could have a bad impact on your credit rating in spite of all the benefits that [...]

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Should I file for Bankruptcy?


Bankruptcy: Can it provide freedom? In today's economy, finances are closely monitored in the family household. From budgeting for food, entertainment, car payments or other financial responsibilities it can get a little overwhelming. Now trying to manage that along with the everyday needs of caring for children, spouses and even pets might raise your blood pressure level a little. Anxiety, as defined by Merriam-Webster, is fear or nervousness about what might happen. Let's take a few unexpected things that could happen: Injury to family or pet Death of a loved one Loss of job or income All of these would qualify [...]

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Bankruptcy Myths


Bankruptcy Facts vs. Fiction/ Bankruptcy Myths Busted The most common bankruptcy myths are broken down by Attorney Keith Cornwell. Included in these are those debt tall tales that create such fear among those individuals applying for bankruptcy. Myth: It is TOO LATE to file for bankruptcy if a creditor has SUED you. Truth: Bankruptcy will put an immediate STOP to a foreclosure, lawsuit, levy and/or wage attachment, and a sheriff sale. The Automatic Stay of the Bankruptcy Code, under section 362, is a very powerful provision. All of a debtor's creditors are directed to cease all collection activities, by this Section [...]

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Bankruptcy and Divorce


Divorce and Bankruptcy. How Is That Handled? Bankruptcy attorney Keith Cornwell of the Cornwell Law Firm is always on hand to offer advice about divorce and bankruptcy. He can advise you whether it is better to file for bankruptcy before or after divorce. It is crucial that the bankruptcy petition is filed at the right time, especially since state divorce courts will not be able to make decisions about your property for as long as the federal bankruptcy court is in control of it. Divorce courts will still be able to make rulings on alimony, child support, visitation, and custody while [...]

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Bankruptcy and Real Estate


Protecting Real Estate When Filing For Bankruptcy Our law firm knows that when a person is considering bankruptcy, one of the main concerns is real estate. Our experienced Duluth bankruptcy attorney can help you navigate through what can happen to your properties in the event you file for bankruptcy. We can provide information and help for all types of properties, including homes, commercial and even investment properties. If you are going to file for bankruptcy and own real estate, then contact us first. Chapter 7 And 13 And Real Estate One of the first questions you probably have when filing chapter [...]

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Bankruptcy and Mortgages


Bankruptcy and Your Mortgage Bankruptcy can make it difficult to obtain a loan home loan; nevertheless, it is possible to get financing after bankruptcy. Any bankruptcy is registered with public records. This information list for seven years following Chapter 13 bankruptcy and stays on record for ten years following the filing date on Chapter 7 bankruptcy. A bankruptcy lawyer helps you put your finances back on track with qualified bankruptcy assistance. After going through a listing period, a bankruptcy will no longer show on your credit report. If a buyer is unwilling to wait for the information to disappear from the [...]

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Planning for Bankruptcy


Planning for Bankruptcy in Lawrenceville and all of Gwinnett County Many people are at a disadvantage because they wait too long to get counsel to find out about their legal rights. You should consult with a professional as soon as you discover that you have a debt problem that you will not be able to resolve on your own. You will not have to deal with the increased stress that comes along with having a debt problem that you cannot control if you consult with Cornwell Law Firm. You will also be in the best position when it is time for [...]

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