Duluth and Gwinnett County Bankuptcy lawyer


Duluth and Gwinnett County Bankuptcy lawyer


Experienced Bankruptcy Lawyer in Gwinnett County


Attorney Keith Cornwell has been serving the Gwinnett County area for years. Why is that significant? Practicing in the same general location has allowed him to become familiar with the local court systems and personnel. Additionally, he is familiar with the circumstances that many Gwinnett County residents face and the concerns they have. This awareness helps him not only be a qualified attorney but also someone who is able to show personal interest and offer practical advice.


Gwinnett County Community Member


Bankruptcy often results from catastrophic events in a persons life, such as the death of a family member, a divorce, or sudden loss of employment. When a person does not have time to prepare for such an event, he or she may soon be in an extremely difficult financial situation. As a member of the community, Keith Cornwell values individuals in the community and surrounding areas. He doesn't view them as a number in a long line of other numbers but as unique individuals in unfortunate circumstances. This view helps him offer the best quality of legal services possible.

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Gwinnett County Bankrutpcy Attorney Keith Cornwell is the person to turn to when facing financial hardships. We handle chapter 7 and chapter 13 bankruptcies. Call for a free consultation.
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